Do you struggle with self-doubt or procrastination? Are you feeling overwhelmed?

You might benefit from professional coaching!

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Significant career transitions, like completing specialty training and becoming a consultant, often trigger feelings of intense uncertainty.

“Not good enough”
Do you constantly compare yourself to your peers, convinced that they are more competent and capable than you?

Afraid to speak up
Does self-doubt see you holding back in meetings, even when you have valuable insights to contribute?

Do you struggle to delegate tasks to junior colleagues, fearing any errors on your watch, leaving you overworked and overwhelmed?

Ever found yourself nodding along to these struggles?  You are not alone!

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Hello, I’m Sonja

I understand the challenges of imposter syndrome and perfectionism firsthand. I know that this struggle often leads to a harmful cycle of overwork, procrastination, and eventual burnout.

Fortunately, I discovered a different path.  Through professional coaching, I learned how to balance my desire to help others with prioritising my own well-being. 

I’ve assisted numerous healthcare professionals across more than 40 disciplines to navigate similar challenges, using evidence-based strategies tailored to their unique goals and circumstances. 

Let me support you too.

Discover more ...

Improved Confidence

Reduced Burnout

Leadership Development

Evidence is mounting for professional coaching as a valuable resource for healthcare professionals, with the potential benefits including:

✓ Reduction in burnout

✓ Management of imposter syndrome

✓ Leadership development

✓ Improved resilience, well-being and quality of life.

Each coaching interaction is tailored to your unique goals and circumstances.

My coaching approach is informed by the latest research and methodologies in positive psychology, mindfulness practices, and self-determination theory.

No 'woo-woo' here – just science-based tools and strategies to help you thrive!

Do you struggle to say NO?  My free guide can help!

Saying no may seem simple, but it can be challenging, especially in hierarchical fields like medicine. However, it's an essential leadership skill for safeguarding your well-being and ensuring quality patient care. If you sometimes struggle to say no, the seven strategies in this guide can help.

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