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The International Coaching Federation (ICF) defines coaching as “partnering with clients in a thought provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential”. Coaching is results-oriented, stigma-free and devoid of traditional hierarchy. As a professional coach, Sonja abides by the ICF’s Code of Ethics, and information shared as part of the coaching relationship is completely confidential.

Individuals and Organisations

While individual results vary, coaching has been shown to be a worthwhile investment that could have positive outcomes at both individual and organisational levels. Individual level outcomes may include goal attainment, increased confidence and self-awareness, improved well-being, increased solution-focused thinking, and improved personal and professional performance.

Within organisations, coaching is an effective leadership development strategy. It has been shown to increase people effectiveness, improve managerial flexibility, enhance resilience, reduce stress and anxiety, improve workplace well-being and performance, and increase goal attainment.

Health Care Providers

Health care professionals are nearly twice as likely to suffer burnout as the rest of the working population, with estimates of burnout in doctors ranging from 25% to 70% across various specialties. Burnout in doctors has the potential to adversely affect patient care and can also be costly to the health care system. While burnout is not classified as a medical condition, it is often the first step towards mental illness – which may manifest as depression, substance abuse and doctor suicide.

In 2017, the World Medical Association revised the Declaration of Geneva Physician’s Pledge to include a promise of self-care: “I will attend to my own health, well-being, and abilities in order to provide care of the highest standard.”

Evidence is mounting for coaching as an effective way of preventing burnout and improving doctors’ resilience and quality of life. Coaching may be especially beneficial to medical professionals during times of transition for example, when preparing for exams, choosing a specialty, taking on leadership roles, or approaching retirement. Several professional organisations also recognise coaching as a valid continued professional development activity.

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What clients say

Excellent Coach ... If anything you will wish you worked with her sooner.

"I had the privilege of being coached by Sonja through Upward Strategy. Sonja has found her calling, she has an incredible gift of finding strengths within and teasing them out. Sonja encouraged me to continue building my strengths, whilst keeping me accountable.

After my coaching I am stronger, happier and feel confident to reach for the stars. I highly recommend Sonja, she is an excellent coach and if anything you will wish you worked with her sooner."

- Jenna H (Wellington)

Coaching was extremely helpful. A safe, non-judgemental, exploratory space.

"I came across coaching with Sonja and Upward Strategy at a critical juncture in my life. Coaching was extremely helpful in working through several important aspects in my life at the time and set me up for looking positively ahead, setting the good long-term habits I was also after. Overall, it has been a very self empowering exercise and [I] so appreciate the coaching provided in a safe, non-judgmental, patient and exploratory space.

Sonja also opened my eyes about coaching in general and how beneficial ongoing coaching could be in keeping one from drifting, which is so easy to do in this tumultuous world where it can be hard to find the space to strive for navigating a good life. I would recommend Sonja and Upward Strategy to anyone wishing to recalibrate their life or parts thereof."

- Gail v H (Sydney)

Encouraging and focused manner ... Coaching was a great experience.

"It was really great working with Sonja on my career goal and then ways to build the confidence to achieve it. I found it very helpful that Sonja has a positive attitude and way of framing her communication. Also, incredibly helpful to be given the time to ponder what it is I want and focus deeper in on that, why and how it feels once I achieve it.

As I was after direction with my career, it was very helpful to speak with someone who is comfortable in the corporate world and with how it ‘works’ to put it into real world perspective – not just ambiguous ideas. Sonja’s life experience was invaluable alongside her encouraging and focused manner, coaching was a great experience."

- Antonia K (Sydney)

Sonja is an amazing sounding board ... Couldn't recommend her more highly.

"Making the decision to resign from a long-time employer just as the COVID-19 pandemic was hitting our shores, on reflection, was perhaps not the wisest of moves.

The first couple of weeks post handing in my resignation (although still working) were fine; however, as reality set in and the effects of the pandemic worsened, my self-confidence took a bit of a knock.

I was fortunate enough to have five coaching sessions with Sonja at what I can only describe as a critical time for me professionally—and a low time personally. Through these sessions, Sonja worked with me to identify and articulate my skills, which in turn had a positive impact on my self-confidence.

The best part was that sessions felt like short conversations; yet at the end of each, I walked away with so much more (this is where I do admit to having been somewhat sceptical of coaching—not anymore!).

Shortly after the fifth session, I was offered a new, higher-level position—in the midst of the pandemic and on my last day in my previous role. I was fortunate enough to be able to continue sessions with Sonja as I commenced in the new position.

Sonja is an amazing sounding board. Through her ability to actively listen to what is being said, and to ask the right questions at the right times, the answers / directions / guidance that I was seeking appeared right in front of me—and not because I was told them.

Sonja helped me take situations that were either new or challenged me and discover ways to work through these—many of the approaches discussed I am still applying.

Every session is tailored to the needs of the client. Sonja ensured that, as the client, my needs were catered for. Not once did I feel it was not about me.

I often refer to the notes from our sessions—two points that I wrote during sessions are highlighted and my "go to" for advice: "look back on it; don't dwell on it" and "I am enough". Such simple words & phrases, yet without Sonja's calming, sensible guidance, I don't think they are phrases I would have otherwise come up with.

I can't recommend Sonja more highly—her manner, approach, professionalism, and leadership skills are second to none."

- Philip M (Manager, Sydney)

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